Thoughts on design, life, and general balderdash by Jonas Downey.

Doing less and saying more

I finally finished a new website, and launched this here blog you’re reading.

I made my last site in 2010. Back then I was freelancing, building a portfolio, and obsessing about tracking my various Internet detritus. My site was always my best outlet to fiddle with some tech and design ideas.

Since then, I found my dream job and I’m now quite satisfied with my tech and design fiddling. My 2010 self was no longer doing a good job of representing my 2013 self.

So when I set out to do this new site, I made a list of Lesses and Mores. Here they are.

Less old stuff

I don’t need or want a portfolio of past work, so it’s all gone (mostly.) I picked the last two things I liked and featured those.

Less technology

My former love was Symphony. I still think it’s wonderful for big projects, but I don’t want to be fussed with content management anymore. To that end I switched to Statamic, which is pleasant and made by some swell dudes. No database. Posting any changes instantly via Git. Easier.

Less identities

I killed my old separate domains (sorry, and brought everything under one roof.

Less boring

The site had to be bold, colorful, and fun, or I wasn’t going to stay interested in finishing it.

More to the point

I took out everything extraneous. No logos. No navigation. No fancyzoom. It doesn’t even have my last name. It’s one page. The URL is really short. Just read the one page and move on. It’ll take you two minutes, or maybe five if you’re a masochist and you click on everything. If you enjoy it, follow me on Twitter. That’s it.

More writing

I toyed with making the blog the main site, but I don’t have a good track record of keeping up blogs, and that’s why this is a separate site. But I have a lot of ideas for writing, and I’m excited to have my own place to share them.

Sometimes I might cross-link my SvN posts here too.

So there you have it! Welcome, and please come back again some time soon.