My grandmother died 17 years ago, due to complications after heart surgery. I was 16 then.

A few days ago, my mom gave me a letter that grandma wrote to me before her surgery. I didn’t know this letter existed until now. Receiving it almost 2 decades later, as a grown adult with his own family, somehow made it even sweeter and more impactful — a shot directly to the heart. It’s the best letter I’ve ever received, and some of the best advice. Though it’s a private note, I wanted to share her wisdom with you too.

Jonas -

That last letter you wrote to me was so wonderful. But then, you have always been wonderful and dear to me. I know that you know this -

I wish for all 3 of you happy years ahead, and compassion and caring and faith in others and yourself. Love and be a caring and dear son as you have always been. For your closest family will be the strongest and most loving part of your life, including your wife and kids to come. Peers come and then go. Though it seems they will always hang around, somehow this isn’t the case, and within a fairly short time they are scattered here and there. So it is your family who will always be in your corner.

And so will I, from some far off star!

I love you

Love - Gramma