Is there any project worse than making a website for yourself?

That wasn’t a rhetorical question. The answer is NO, there is almost nothing worse. The project requirements are garbage and the client nitpicks everything.

In my many years of working on the web, I’ve created dozens of personal sites, ranging from a basic single page to an exhaustive library of all my past creative work. And I was always unhappy with whatever decisions I made on every single one of them.

Spider man pointing meme
A designer working on their own site

I’ve finally realized that’s just the reality of making a personal site. It will never be satisfying, because there’s always something else you want to try: another color scheme or typeface that might work well, a new piece of tech you could experiment with, or a different way to present yourself entirely.

That’s why, this time around, I decided to focus on storytelling.

Most design portfolio sites are just the bare minimum, a few pictures on a website. I want to see more portfolios with some narrative and statement of intent—where someone came from, what they believe in, and some honest, plainly written explanations of their past work.

This stuff is important! If you don’t tell your story, no one else will.

I’m tired of having my story scattered on other people’s platforms. Bringing it all together, and seeing it all in one place, forced me to reckon with what I’ve done, and begin to see and where I should go next.

I hope it’s a helpful example for some folks out there. Thanks for stopping by!

(P.S. I will admit, there is one thing I like about this site: the error page.)