Hello! My name is Jonas.

I'm a software designer, developer, and writer. Currently I'm a design manager at Figma, helping people build great products from concept to code.

Previously I led teams at Twitter and Basecamp, where I helped invent HEY, a radical new take on email.

I’m also the co-creator of Hello Weather, the exceptionally useful weather app.

First, principles.

Throughout my career I’ve always tried to do what’s right instead of what’s easy. Here’s what I’m about.

  1. Making respectful products. Solving meaningful, real-life problems through prototyping and iteration.
  2. Empowering people. Turning compassion and curiosity into useful tools that give people superpowers.
  3. Building weird things. Bringing experimental vibes and friendly charm to every project. Crafting interfaces with artistry and character.
  4. Standing up for good. Fighting harmful practices in tech. Calling out dark patterns and bias. Protecting privacy, attention, and safety.
  5. Leading with care. Sharing lessons learned the hard way. Coaching and mentoring. Advocating for others, paying it forward.

For more on these topics, check out a few of my articles:

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Doing the work.

I’m a generalist. I believe you can design better systems when you understand how they work, from top to bottom.

So I keep learning as much as I can about UX/UI, programming, marketing, business, leadership, and the million other things in between.

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20 years of good fortune, elbow grease, and standing on the shoulders of giants.

I’ve had the honor to work with great people on impactful projects over the years.

My work and writing have been featured in Indie Hackers, Macworld, Fast Company, Daring Fireball, Quartz, The Verge, and others.

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All the rest.

Thanks for stopping by. While you’re here, take a peek at my abridged portfolio, writing, or collections of interesting stuff.

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